4 JULY 2019 – Reimagine and immerse in the rich cultural heritage of Kampong Glam as untold tales unfold through stories, music, performances and exhibitions at the Aliwal Arts Night Crawl (#AliwalANC19) . Held on Saturday 13 July 2019 from 1pm till 10pm, embrace the unfamiliar with an eclectic mix of curated programmes that pay homage to the historic district with a nostalgic or contemporary take on tradition.

Held for the seventh year, the annual multi-disciplinary arts festival organised by Aliwal Arts Centre presents a multi-sensory day (and night) for all. From story-telling tours, captivating performances, immersive workshops, thought-provoking exhibitions and a night market, there is a programme that brings you into your element as we discover new interpretations of Kampong Glam’s past and present. Festival access is free, while selected programmes require pre-registration and fees.

Festival highlights include:

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See and Hear the Kampong Glam Community

Feline friends that are found in Kampong Glam, take centre stage at the 9 Lives Show. Nine local artists and designers use art and design to invoke conversations about co-existence and animal empathy.

Artist collective RSCLS , inspired by the idea of lapis , or layers, will present LAPIS , a visual art experience that peels off the stories behind familiar names such as Haji and Aliwal.

Travel through 5,000 years of history with R for Resonance. Ho Tzu Nyen’s exhibition uses the latest imaging technologies of the Digital Age to tell the story of Southeast Asia’s history and the relationship between technological progress and techniques of social stratification.
Sway with the music or experiment with your own approach at as:similation , an audible interactive exhibition and workshop by Evanturetime that tells of how native cultures get assimilated and gentrified in a commercial form. Or check out A Crop of Names , a multimedia installation that overlaps two speculative timelines – the past and the future.

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Set off on a Trip of Epic Discoveries

Experience Kampong Glam through a walking trail In Search of the Gelam Tree . Master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran reimagines the precinct’s aristocracy, merchants and ethnic communities as she leads curious explorers in search of clues with stories from folklore and history. Round off the expedition with a traditional feast in a secret location, and take part in a communal meal as music and stories are exchanged.

Sign up for RCLS’ alternative walking tours , shining a new light on the rich and vibrant neighbourhood through its murals and street art.

Let Imagination and Creativity Take Flight

Storytelling workshops will bring audiences into the realms of folktales and interactive activities.

Travel to an imaginary world and time where animals could talk to each other in The Story Tree , with a colouring activity for both adult and children participants. Let the Cards Speak is a guided storytelling session using story cards to invite participants to share their personal stories. Both workshops are presented by Moonshadow Stories.

Come and adopt one of the 9 Lives mini-cats and create your unique art pieces using wooden blocks.

Music, Poetry and More in Motion

Check out multi-disciplinary performances including Word Forward’s Kampong Glam: Past, Present and Virtual , a live spoken word and music event with works from internationally-based poets, singers and musicians. NADI Singapura’ s Rentak Kita presents an exciting performance as different types of Malay drums and percussions bring the rhythms of the Malayan Archipelago to life.

Other performances include Odyssey Dance Theatre’s dance, Chance , that brings out the rich communal spirit in Kampong Glam, and a New Opera Recital by New Opera Singapore . Inspired by R. Azmi’s popular song, Kalau Datang Ke Singapura , Projek Ujong Tanjong will take audiences on a nostalgic trip back in time with tunes and stories about Singapore back in the 50s.

Snag Artisanal Buys and Eats

Rounding off the festival, the So Gelam Market will join Aliwal Arts Centre for one night only. From locally produced apparels to custom acrylic signages and illustrations, unique finds are waiting to be discovered. Satisfy your cravings with satay from Brown Palette and artisanal coffee and cakes from Good Coffee Please.


Aliwal Arts Night Crawl
takes place on Saturday, 13 July 2019 from 1pm till 10pm at Aliwal Arts Centre, 28 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199918 and Kampong Glam.

Registration is required for selected programmes at For more information, please visit

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About Aliwal Arts Centre

Aliwal Arts Centre is a multidisciplinary arts centre with a strong focus on performing arts located at the former Chong Cheng and Chong Pun Schools at 28 Aliwal Street within the Kampong Glam conservation district. It offers a conducive environment to support the artistic development of both contemporary and traditional arts groups, drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage in the area.


About Arts House Limited

Arts House Limited (AHL) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to enriching lives through the arts. AHL runs The Arts House , a multidisciplinary arts centre with a focus on literary programming located in the heart of Singapore's Civic District; manages Goodman Arts Centre and A liwal Arts Centre , two creative enclaves for artists, arts groups and creative businesses; and presents festivals through the
arts centres. AHL presents the S ingapore International Festival of Arts , the annual pinnacle celebration of performing arts in Singapore commissioned by National Arts Council .

AHL also organises Singapore International Festival of Arts, the annual pinnacle celebration of performance and interdisciplinary arts in Singapore that is commissioned by National Arts Council (NAC).

AHL was set up in 11 Dec 2002 as a company limited by guarantee (CLG) under NAC and was formerly known as The Old Parliament House Limited. It was officially renamed Arts House Limited on 19 Mar 2014.

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