Aliwal Tracks is a video web series programme that invites viewers to explore the nuanced sounds around Kampong Gelam. Featuring online programmes including virtual exhibition, behind-the-scenes videos and digital performances, meander through the streets of one of Singapore's most vibrant enclaves and explore hidden street art, age-old stories from residents as well as sounds and beats of Kampong Gelam.

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Streaming Tips

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Five tips for a seamless viewing experience

Here’s how you can get the most out of your Aliwal Arts Centre viewing experience

  1. Check your home network. Your streaming quality might be affected if your connection is too slow, or if the load on your broadband network is too heavy. Many households today may have multiple devices connected to their broadband, including smart TVs and smart devices. You might want to consider taking some of these devices offline to reduce the load on your WIFI network and to optimise your internet speed.
  2. Optimise your browsing device. Close non-essential background programmes and activities on your browsing device such as desktop computers, laptops or mobile photos for optimal results. This includes the browsing of other web pages, instant messaging or the transferring of files.
  3. Update your browsing devices. Where possible, do check if your browsing device (desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone) has been updated with the latest operating system. Do check if your browser is also the latest version.
  4. Restart your WIFI router. If you are still facing slow speeds, do consider rebooting your WIFI router. This will often help in significantly boosting your internet speed.
  5. Clear your browser cache and cookies. If you are watching from a desktop or laptop, clearing your browser cache and cookies can help also enhance your viewing experience.

Do try these tips to optimise your internet connection and enjoy the best streaming experience with Aliwal Arts Centre!

Digital Experience

How to experience the arts in the best way on Aliwal Arts Centre


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