ALIWALL - The Side Showcase
A Mural Design Competition

Under Singapore's preeminent street art collective RSCLS' mentorship, the grand prize winner will take over our side wall stroke by stroke
–– and see their work come to life*!

Catch Isabel in action with RSCLS at Aliwal Arts Centre this 2021! Painting dates will be announced here soon.

* Urban artworks are transient in nature, so the winning artwork will be maintained for a limited period of time on the wall.

Bookmark this page to see the finished work!


In a Perfect Nation

- By Isabel Lim

Nature, People and Memories are what make our world truly unique. The world could do with a lot more brightness because light can often be a challenge to find. With this piece I wanted to showcase what it would be like to see our nation in synchronization and luminosity. We are drawn to negatives thoughts. We live life as though we are trapped in confined spaces with nowhere to run or hide. Trusting yourself and your neighbours is a constant struggle in our current society. Therefore, we resolve to technology to solve our problems and do not experience the beauty and optimism that the world has to offer.

I wish for Singaporeans to see with renewed light. One where we feel inspired to make connections with nature and the people around us or to secure harmonious solutions to the problems that we face. I chose to use creatures to represent the elements of air, the sea and our land to bring hope and inspire a better tomorrow. It is important to protect this vision because without it we are just cogs in a machine.

The three creatures: the butterfly, the lion and the whale have their own distinct characteristics which was why I chose them to represent my message of Harmony between the realm of air, sea and land."

The Grand Prize winner gets:

  • A chance to paint alongside Singapore’s prominent street art collective RSCLS and have your mural design blown up onto a sidewall of Aliwal Arts Centre!
  • A 2D1N staycation in Andaz Hotel with complimentary breakfast for two (worth SGD $590)!
  • A limited-edition Arts House Limited goodie bag (worth SGD $100)!
  • A limited-edition RSCLS-designed t-shirt (worth SGD $35)!


They Were Carried By The Waves

- By Dexter Ang

This mural uses graffiti techniques and spray paint to depict traditional Chinese ink painting-influenced scene of an early water side settlement in the vicinity around Aliwal Arts Centre. This celebrates the multi-cultural melting pot of the early trade history along the waters of close to this area. The area was inhabited by settlers of sea-faring peoples such as the orang laut, orang kallang and the bugis. They lived on sustenance from fishes of the waters and swamp here, as well as benefiting from the rich trade of this area.

The words 'mereka dibawa oleh ombak' is influenced by poems commonly depicted in Chinese ink painting, yet it is written in Malay to celebrate the cultural cross pollination that was a result of the rich trading history here, meaning 'they were carried by the waves'.

The QR code, which is influenced by the seal of Chinese ink painting, can be scanned to present content of the historical information of settlements in this area.

Pieces, In Pieces

- By Bryan Lim

My concept was really just to have fun which I felt was what is fundamental for art –– to create things that we normally wouldn't be able to see in life and to intrigue people with visuals. There isn't much underlying meaning behind this piece other than a representation of a chaotic mess that reality is, as much as this bizarreness may be reflected in this artwork it also shows up in our lives in non-visual forms.

One Day At A Time

- By Marianne Tan

One Day At A Time is an interactive mural deliberately conceptualised to focus on authentic narratives of current times that are emotionally relatable to all. The specific topic is Covid-19 and the little yet significant interactions and actions taken by each individual to fight against it.

The main 'characters' are the virus, depicted by greenish-yellow creatures. The QR codes are arranged to form the main component of a protective gate and the creatures are seen attempting to get past it but are unable to do so. Each QR code is an authentic and functioning one that has been used in real life by members of the public. It could lead to informative websites about the virus or they could be the QR codes that were once used to grant access to venues around the country. This is a personification and symbolism to show how the simple action of reading up about the virus or scanning QR codes every single day by each individual eventually adds up to a stronger force that protects us.

During on-site painting, the sizes of the creatures may be tweaked to enhance its interactivity and the reality of its threatening nature to humanity (i.e. creatures will be either at eye level or towering over viewers). There are also intentions to learn how to adjust the colours and lines to show more details and defined contours, shadows and lighting (e.g. puddles of water on the ground, 'slimy' textures and contours on the creatures, misty background etc.)

Lastly, presenting this concept in the form of street art appropriately portrays the present situation. The ephemeral nature of the art form means that the artwork will disappear one day, and this should be seen positively as a reminder to stay hopeful that slowly but surely, COVID-19 would vanish completely too.

The Consolation Prize Winners get:

  • A limited-edition Arts House Limited goodie bag (worth SGD $100)!
  • A limited-edition RSCLS-designed t-shirt (worth SGD $35)!

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